Success in Tennis - Science behind Performance (DIGITAL)


“Fortunately, the author of this book is someone who plays several roles: researcher, coach, and professor. Therefore, both the content and style respond to a genuine interest in facilitating the proper transmission of information, through a manner which tries to attract the interest of the reader”

Miguel Crespo – International Tennis Federation

“With this contribution, a further step is taken in the direction of increasing the knowledge of the National coaches and, consequently, the excellence of the sport training in Portugal, and in all countries of Portuguese language—in particular, through the cooperation between the Portuguese Tennis Federation and the Confederation of Brazilian Tennis in this project”

Vitor Cabral – Portuguese Tennis Federation

“Congratulations to Professor César Coutinho who, by brilliant initiative and dedication in producing this book ... wrote it in an objective and practical way. It is ready to be applied in our trainings”

César Kist – Brazilian Tennis Confederation

“A manual of great usefulness not only to the professionals who are involved in the process of teaching and coaching tennis players, but also a very interesting document as well, which is a consultation for all lovers of the sport who wish to understand it a little bit better”

Pedro Pezarat-Correia – University of Lisbon