The Full package with everything included

Do you want to develop your skills to the maximum potencial with an all inclusive program that focuses on all the areas of your game with an integrated approach? Then this is the program for you!

In this system we will do everything in our power to develop you to your full potencial, including physical planning and training, calendar organization, mental advisory and coaching, warm ups and follow up in tournaments, extra practices whenever necessary! Its your full commitment and our full commitment to your Tennis development!

Full orienation and coaching for the ages between 8 and 11 years old - a very important age for what will happen in the future. Main developments goals are:

  1. Keep the quality grips development and readjustments;

  2. Learn the different points of hit in ball trajectory and when to use them;

  3. Proper use of the weight of the racket on flowing movement in every situation;

  4. Keep developing a pro-active standing position;

  5. Learn the 3 types of serve actions – differences in toss and feel in the racket;

  6. Beginning of stretch work;

  7. Basical tactical developments:

    1. Regularity;

    2. crossed and centered when back;

    3. close the court coming to the net;

    4. first 3 balls of each point;

    5. serve percentage

  8. Volley technique development:

    1. Grip;

    2. split step;

    3. pivot;

    4. pattern of contraction

  9. Volley in different distances with strength adjustments in the punching moment;

  10. Slice technique development (after volley);

  11. drop shot technique development (after slice);

  12. Open stance and neutral position development from both sides;

  13. Hitting on the run side to side – just creating the situations without footwork technique work;

  14. Getting inside and outside the court – hitting in different ball trajectories;

  15. keep developing the Warrior mentality;

  16. Start the emphasis of focusing on the development goals in the match to get a better result;

  17. Continuing of match self-analysis with specific goals – still just verbal;

  18. Working ball placement and ball height;

  19. Serve and Smash fluid movement;

  20. Beginning of core work, elastic bands work and flexibility – level 1 (less series);

  21. Agility, strength and speed with the weight of the body

Price shown is per month of practice at the base club in an annual agreement, and include:

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