All my life I have been focussed on excellence. I am only satisfied when everybody and everything on my responsability, reach their full potential. Everything I have ever been involved, from University studies to High Performance coaching, from live international TV statistics to public presentations at seminars, from writing books to organizing top seminars and workshops for coaches, from teaching at the University to make comments on TV, from working with National Federations to consult with High performance players... I always give my very best... and deliver myself to the projects with passion and perseverance! If we do something we love, we will never call it work. That was what I always wanted for my life... and I achieved! My drive is for excellence and my aim is to achieve the highest levels of quality in every project I decide to participate.

My motto is and always will be – BELIEVE…COMMIT…ACHIEVE!!!

1. Head of Tennis Education of the Portuguese Tennis Federation responsible for the strategic lines of development of Portuguese Tennis and the education of all agents involved (coaches at all levels, referees, parents, managers) – former national junior coach of the same Federation;

2. Highest coaching qualifications in Belgium (Trainer A) and Portugal (Level 3);

3. High Performance Head Coach with 15 years of fulltime on tour travelling experience, being in more than 70 countries worldwide (more than once) in the most important international tournaments of every age category (singles and doubles titles in every age and gender);

4. Best achieved ranking of a player coached in junior ages – 57 ATP (Gastão Elias) and 6 ITF Junior (World Junior ranking) – several players achieved the number 1 national rankings of their countries and national championships in their age categories;

5. Head Coach and Head of performance in 3 of the main clubs in Portugal – all clubs had excellent progression and all of them were completely full after 3 years of project;

6. Best consulted player (part of the team) – 5 ATP (Tommy Robredo) – when was number 7 ATP. Achieved Australian singles quarters losing to Federer in tied sets, and reached first singles hardcourt title after the proposed changes in his game;

7. 5 years Sport Science Degree, MSc in Youth and High-Performance Sports Coaching in the top Portuguese University, and PhD in Tennis Biomechanics in the top world University in the field;

8. 8 years University Professor in the Faculty of Human Kinetics of the Technical University of Lisbon – Best Sport University in Portugal (same as José Mourinho) teaching all tennis related subjects in bachelors and master’s level;

9. Author of 5 books about Tennis, 3 of them as a result of Tennis conferences as organizer. Other 2 were innovative books in their field – first in Portugal and second worldwide

10. Invited Speaker in many tennis conferences national and International, and development of thematic conferences together with the Portuguese Sports Confederation that supervises all the Sports entities in Portugal

11. Creator and Technical Director of an innovative project in Flanders (kortemark) in partnership with Mergaert Tennis Academy, with the goal of producing top National and International player, based on the knowledge developed over 2 decades of high level Tennis experience in every level and age category – where Indira Lepage has been practicing for the last 3 years;

Resume Experience:

1. Head of Coaches Education of the Portuguese Tennis Federation since January 2018, developing the National Project "From the Fundamentals to High Performance Tennis" in Portugal, with high impact in all levels of competitive Tennis. First country in Europe to implement the B-learning system with huge success, between many other inovations;

2. Coaches Education Team of the Portuguese Tennis Federation over the last 12 years responsible for the Technical area in the highest levels of Coaches Education. Helped to develop the Technical knowledge in Portugal that lead to the best results of Portuguese Tennis during the last decade;

3. Creator and Technical Director of an innovative project in the centre of Europe (Brugges, Belgium), aiming to create a top facility for Tennis development in the ages between 6 and 16 years old. Performance project with top players in Belgium inside the TopSport Status

4. CEO of CesarCoutinhoTennis, a project with the goal of spreading quality Technical information about Tennis around the World, to help everybody, everywhere achieve their maximum potential regardless of their resources to pursue their dreams;

5. 18 years as a performance coach (Head Coach and technical Director) in different levels of competition with several national and international titles, being involved in all age, gender and level of Tennis from 4 to 75 years old;

6. 14 years as international coach from u12 to WTA and ATP players (TE12, TE14, TE16, ITF in every level), coaching players from different nationalities in different countries (both genders), and travelling in the top tournaments of every age group in more than 70 countries worldwide in all continents;

7. 8 years as a University Professor in the top Portuguese Sport University where I created the first ever 2years specialization in Tennis from a Portuguese University, as well as a specific masters program for Top Coaches, which was the first in Portugal. Was teaching 3 different levels – 2nd year, specialization and masters. From there went several National Coaches and Head Coaches of clubs in Portugal and abroad

8. Cooperation with the ATP event of Estoril Open and Portuguese Tennis Federation to develop the activities in the FunCenter for kids, managing a team of 80 students from the University with big quality. Success was so good that the space was sold a few years later to one brand based on the numbers of our work. Was several years responsible for the TV statistics of the tournament, working with INFORDESPORTO and SPORTSTAT, performing direct to several live broadcasts in the last rounds of the tournament to Europsport, DSF, between many other National and International channels;

9. Level III coach of the Portuguese Tennis Federation (highest in Portugal), and level A of TennisVlandereen (Highest in Belgium). Degree in Sport Science, masters in High Performance Sports Coaching (as the top student) at the University of Lisbon (Faculty of Human Kinetics).PhD in Biomechanics applied to Tennis with the study of the Tennis Serve, in the University of Western Australia with the top expert in the world in this field - Prof Bruce Elliott. Presence in all symposiums and workshops of Tennis Europe and ITF from 2001 to 2009, with some presentations;

10. National Coach responsible for the u16 National Team – 2003/2004 - where it was developed for the first time a battery test to evaluate every player in every possible area and give the most specific feedback to all their coaches. Implementation of different dynamics into Portuguese Tennis together with the Technical Director that made increase the base of players in quality and quantity in Portuguese Tennis;

11. Invited speaker in several Portuguese and Iberic Workshops and seminars together with speakers like Richard Schonborn, Gabriel Jaramillo (ex.Bolletieri Technical Director), Jofre Porta (Global Tennis Team – Nadal and Moya), David Sanz (Head of Spanish coaches education), Roberto Portero (Physiotherapist of Maria Sharapova), Nuno Marques (Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy),Cesar Kist (ITF Development Officer for South America), Vitor Cabral (ITF development officer for Europe) among many others. Considered several times the best presentation in the seminar by the participants in the final evaluation (or one of the best). Organizer of several workshops in Portugal inviting top names around the world to come as speakers, like: Alexander Ferrauti (top expert in exercise physiology), Bruce Elliott (top expert in Sports Biomechanics), or others already refered before;

12. Coach of Gastão Elias (together with Luis Miguel Nascimento) – n6 ITF Junior and n650ATP – IMG player – 2004-2007. Consultant of Tommy Robredo n7 ATP – for the serve and backhand movements – 2007. After our work, Robredo achieved the first quarterfinals in Australia (loosing to Federer in tied sets) and won his first ATP hardcourt singles tournament in New Zealand. Worked with many other top junior performance players from countries like England, Belgium, Spain, Norway, USA, Brasil, Russia, and many others;

13. Writer of the first book ever written in Portuguese about Sport Science applied to Tennis. Now also translated into English - "Success in Tennis: the science behind the results". Supported by Portuguese and Brazilian Tennis Federations. Author of many articles in top magazines and websites of the area;

14. Co-author of 3 books together with Prof. Pedro Pezarat Correia and published by the Faculty of Human Kinetics – INVESTIGAÇÃO E TÉNIS. Three volumes of the 3 years we organized the Seminar;

15. Designer of physical battery of tests for all Portuguese National Team Performance players used from National Champions u12 to players inside top100 ATP;

16. Writer and publisher of the book INSIDE OUT with everything about Tennis technicque, crossing all the theorical concepts in a practical and applied way. Book supported by Portuguese and Brazilian Tennis Federation as well and Wilson and the ATP250 of Estoril Open in Lisbon, Portugal..


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